We are leaders with the last state of the art for LIN/LOX/LAR semitrailers, following the highest quality standards and safety requirements of our customers. Our portfolio includes also bobtails and total refurbishment to enlarge the duty life of our customer’s fleets.

Vakuum offers a great transport solution for the transport of cryogenic gases, LIN / LOX / LAR
Different designs to meet the needs of each client.

Variety of options

Three axle semitrailers.
From 40 tons to 44 tons as standard gross weight, larger or smaller sizes according to customer demand according to the requirements of each country.
Internal stainless steel container.
External container in stainless steel.
Multi-layer insulation (MLI) using the highest quality manufacturer in the market to have the minimum BOG.
We obtain the best vacuum levels, using the best technological equipment on the market. Rear wardrobe
Various pump and measurement system options, from 600 to 1000 ltrs / min. capacity.
Optional standards according to the needs of each country and customer.

Our innovative design reduces TARA by gaining capacity for product transportation.
Design codes: ADR and TPED / EN-13530-2
Temperature design: -196ºC