Vakuum adapts its products to the changes of the market, in the last 2 years new LNG trucks run in our roads, with high pressure engines & spark light engines, requiring different saturation conditions.

Our Micro (40m3) & Macro (56m3) mobile stations satisfy both systems, with fast, easy and safety solutions, based on ADR and ISO 16.924 standards and requirements.

Our units with submerged pump assure a fast fuelling, at 55kg/minute and quick cool down, with storage capacity to fuel from 30 trucks up to 80 trucks per day with average 200Kg x truck

Our mobile units are designed to give temporally solutions reducing time and investment but also as specific solutions for particular situations of the market and customers, with integrated payment system and MID Certificate

Product range

  • Volumes 40/56/ m3
  • For LNG

We have developped:

- Mobile LNG regasification units for grid repairs and temporally supply of gas to pipeline.


Available renting units under demand

We also offer LCNG mobile stations