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At Vakuum we design and manufacture semi-trailers for the transport of Air Gases LIN - LOX - LAR

Semitrailers for Air Gases

Vakuum is a leader in manufacturing  LIN, LOX and LAR transport semi-trailers, with an innovative design that reduces the Tare improve aerodynamics and allows to gain capacity for product transport and accomplishing the most demanding safety and efficient requirements of main Air Gases companies.

All the components of our semi-trailers  comply with the current European  Directives, adapting to the specific requirements of each of the countries where they must operate. We build all our equipment following the ADR, ISO , MID and TPED; codes and rules;  our ergonomics cabinets and electronic equipment comply with the ATEX standard.

All our semitrailers for the transport of LIN, LOX and LAR go through rigorous and demanding tests and quality procedures to guarantee the requirements of our clients, with temperature designs of -196ºC. We guarantee the highest quality standards in welding and welding control using penetrating liquids, radiographed and helium testing.

Vakuum semitrailers for LIN / LOX / LAR transport

We offer three-axle semi-trailers, with a standard gross weight from 40 to 44 Tn, adjusting it to the real needs of our customers, putting at their disposal a multitude of options. We take into account the requirements of each country.

All of our semitrailers aim for the lowest center of gravity and maximize the width of the wheelbase, offering maximum stability and safety in all of our designs.

Vakuum designs and manufactures semi-trailers for the transport of Air Gases LIN - LOX - LAR

Our internal and external container are manufactured in stainless steel and with multilayer insulation (MLI), first brands that guarantees the highest quality in the market, thus obtaining the minimum BOG. Only the best technological equipment on the market is used to get the best vacuum levels and best road tank performance.

Vakuum’s air gases transport semi-trailers have a rear control cabinet and different pump and metering system options, from 600 to 1000 L / min capacity.

Trailers for the transport of Air Gases LIN - LOX - LAR, designed and manufactured by Vakuum
Trailers for the transport of liquefied nitrogen, oxygen and liquefied argon, designed and manufactured by Vakuum