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Vakuum, specialists in design, construction, repair and maintenance of structures for the storage of gas in its different states, liquid and gaseous.

VAKUUM, semi-trailers and mobile units for the transport of LNG and air gases

At Vakuum we are specialists in the design, construction, repair and maintenance of equipment for storing and distributing gas in its different states, liquid and gaseous based on road transport.

With more than 40 years of experience, we have been part of the HAM Group since 2009. We have our own facilities in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, Barcelona, with more than 15000m2 dedicated exclusively to manufacturing, repairing and renovating cryogenic semi-trailers and rigid vehicles, for the transport of liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquid oxygen (LOX), liquid nitrogen (LIN) and liquid argon (LAR)

We are committed to a culture of innovation, developed by our R&D team, which works together with our engineers, to transform ideas into new generation products and services, which allow us to satisfy the needs and demands of our customers.

Vakuum, specialists in designing, building, repairing and maintaining structures designed to store gases in different states

Why choose Vakuum

Vakuum accompanies its clients throughout the process, offering the best products and services

Focused on the client. We accompany you throughout the process, establishing a close relationship, to offer you the best products and services that adapt to your real needs.
We have the support of HAM Group, our parent company, currently made up of 10 companies, all of them directly related to activities related to CNG, LNG and Biomethane.

Experience on the road. Vakuum supplies the LNG semitrailers to Transportes HAM company since 2015, obtaining the best feedback from our drivers and testing our equipment in real conditions. This experience helps us to develop the most efficient and ergonomic semitrailers

Innovators. Always at the forefront of technology, we innovate in all our products and services, betting on a culture of innovation and guaranteeing the highest quality, efficiency and safety. Supporting our improvements with Finite Elements Study/ Impact Analysis Study and several external lab test.

Quick and effective assistance. We offer an efficient and quick technical assistance service, with most of the main spare parts on stock. We offer semitrailer of substitution to our customers with no charge in case of repair in warranty period. Also renting units with special price rates for long time at the workshop for its repair or maintenance.

Vakuum innovates in all its products and services, guaranteeing the highest quality, with fast and efficient technical assistance.
Vakuum LNG semi-trailers have the shortest delivery time in the industry and pass several tests to ensure maximum safety

Safety. Our semitrailers have one of the best records in Stability Test / Roll over test angle, we include in all our vehicles Dead Man System, ESD system and Electrical Fluxys system for connecting to plant.

Delivery times. based on our experience and the availability of materials for the manufacture of our products, we guarantee the shortest delivery time within the sector.

Satisfaction guarantee. All our products are internally tested before final delivery and you can request your supervision at commissioning, to start working in perfect condition.

ECO. We have a preventive approach in our processes and businesses. We are committed to sustainability, reducing the environmental footprint and betting on the preservation of biodiversity.

At Vakuum we guarantee maximum satisfaction with our products and services, committed to sustainability and preservation of biodiversity