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Vakuum is committed to people and caring for the environment

Vakuum Corporate Responsibility Policy

Excellence in service

At Vakuum we promote active and bi-directional communication with all our clients, with the aim of knowing their real needs and fully satisfying their expectations, applying our culture of innovation throughout the development process of our products and services, guaranteeing the highest quality, efficiency and safety.

We consider essential the trust of our clients in the products and services offered by Vakuum, as well as that of our team of professionals, suppliers and other market agents, acting and promoting a responsible attitude among all members of the company.

Vakuum is committed to guaranteeing the best quality in all its products and services.

VAKUUM, our staff is our investment

The Vakuum team is the cornerstone of our success in the design and manufacture of tanks for the transport of LNG and Air Gases


Our team is the cornerstone of the success of Vakuum, a company with more than four decades of history and extensive experience in the design and manufacture of semi-trailers and mobile units, for the transport of Liquefied Natural Gas and Air Gases gases from the air, which we becomes a benchmark in the sector.

At Vakuum we are committed to the talent of our team members and their professional development within our company


We are committed to talent for the development of our products and services, promoting a solid professional career within Vakuum, making available to our workers the necessary tools that allow them to develop their professional skills and abilities.

Vakuum fosters a work environment where everyone has the same opportunities and we promote shared knowledge between departments


We promote a safe, respectful, flexible work environment with equal opportunities for all members of our team, promoting shared learning between the different departments and processes, which allows all colleagues their personal and professional development.

Vakuum ensures the safety and well-being of all the members of his team, evaluating all risks with corrective measures.


Vakuum ensures the safety, health and well-being of all its members, applying and anticipating, as far as possible, the new regulations in force. We analyze and evaluate risks and act, in the form of corrective actions, measuring their effectiveness in follow-up meetings.

At Vakuum we are committed to the Environment

The Vakuum team is committed to respecting and caring for the environment

We are concerned about the environment and climate change, supplying solutions to reduce CO2, NOX and particles, offering products for an alternative energy.

Vakuum has developed a purchasing and supplier management policy aimed at respecting the environment and sustainability, acquiring only products and services manufactured under socially fair conditions and which are environmentally friendly.

We respect and guarantee current regulations, adapting all our processes and developments to the environmental legislation of the different countries where we work, promoting our own requirements, more demanding than those established, between our team and collaborating companies.