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HAM Group is located in Polígono Sant Ermengol, parcel 11. Abrera, Barcelona. GPS: 41.518785, 1.892046

HAM Group, leader in the CNG and LNG sector with 40 years of experience

HAM Group is a leader in the comprehensive service of CNG (compressed natural gas) and LNG (liquefied natural gas) for industrial applications, mobile-vehicular environments, the maritime sector, etc. Our extensive experience in the gas sector allows us to provide our clients with efficient and environmentally friendly energy solutions, in facilities and supply of natural gas, as well as in the naval sector through the Bunkering service.

HAM is mainly composed of nine companies that operate in different energy fields related to natural gas, providing service to each other and acting at the same time as subcontractors for third parties, which allows complete autonomy and agility to be able to face the new current challenges, offering all our clients energy solutions adapted to their real needs.

The Vakuum parent currently employs more than 400 people and has a portfolio of more than 450 facilities with a total volume of more than 45,000m3, which are updated and maintained by specialists with the aim of complying with the legislation.

HAM Group is currently the only company in Europe capable of supplying the entire value chain of LNG (liquefied natural gas) and NGV (vehicular natural gas), with its own resources and personnel. Our company continues to grow day by day, offering services as varied as the refueling of CNG-CNG in our network with more than 100 service stations, the road transport of cryogenic products, the commercialization of LNG, and small-scale liquefaction of natural gas, etc.

If you need safe, clean and environmentally friendly energy, do not hesitate to contact us and we will offer you energy solutions adapted to the real needs of your business.

HAM Group 

Polígono Industrial Sant Ermengol, Parcela 11

08630 – Abrera (Barcelona)

Tel: (34) 93 770 47 60

[email protected]

GPS: 41.518785, 1.892046

The HAM Group companies

HAM Criogénica es líder en el sector de la ingeniera en proyectos energéticos entorno al gas natural


More than 300 projects for industrial, bunkering and vehicular LNG solutions, related to Liquefied natural gas, endorse HAM Criogénica as a benchmark for the development of energy projects.


En Transportes HAM somos especialistas en el transporte por carretera de GNL y Gases del Aire


Road transport of cryogenic and flammable products, air gases and liquefied natural gas We have a large fleet of more than 90 cryogenic semitrailers and 70 tractors powered by LNG.


General de Gasolineras, estaciones de servicio GNC - LGNC


All our service stations offer the possibility of refueling CNG and LNG, in Spain, Italy, France, Belgium and Holland. We are open all year round, 24/7, being able to pay with any debit-credit card and with our HAM card for professionals.


LNG Francia, especialistas en comercializar GNC (gas natural comprimido) y GNL (gas natural licuado) para uso industrial y automoción


Specialists in the commercialization of liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas, for industrial and automotive use, it offers its clients comprehensive turnkey solutions, tailored to their real needs.


LNG, líder en el suministo de GNL para uso industrial, doméstico, vehicular o marítimo


Providers of comprehensive LNG supply solutions in Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy and other countries under demand. Guarantee of LNG supply, operation and maintenance of facilities and significant savings.

HAM Italia es líder en la comercialización de GNL y la construcción de plantas de regasificación y estaciones de servicio de GNL - LGNC


Our Italian subsidiary specializes in the construction of CNG and LNG service stations, regasification plants and in the commercialization of liquefied natural gas (GNL) for automotive, industrial and civil use.


HAM Chile, especialistas en productos y servicios criogénicos en Sudamérica


HAM Chile allows us to continue growing in the South American market, accompanying clients to whom we currently supply cryogenic equipment and services for regasification plants.


La filial de HAM en Latinoamérica cubre la demanda del sector gasista y afianza la expansión de Grupo HAM en el continente americano


Our Peruvian subsidiary allows us to manage our expansion in Latin America, offering global energy solutions, related to compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG)


Services offered by HAM Group

At HAM Group we offer products and services related to liquefied natural gas (LNG) and compressed natural gas (CNG), sustainable and environmentally friendly energies, helping to combat climate change, with a significant reduction in polluting emissions compared to with that of fossil fuels.

All of our companies are related to the natural gas sector, in different fields, ranging from the design and construction of storage structures, road transport of cryogenic products, vehicular natural gas and many others. Our structure, made up of 10 interrelated companies, allows us to offer real energy alternatives, adapted to the different needs of our clients.

HAM Criogénica, realiza proyectos energéticos relacionados con el gas natural. Se encarga del diseño y construcción de instalaciones para industrias y el sector naval
Grupo HAM cuenta con una amplía red de estaciones de servicio que permiten repostar gas natural comprimido y gas natural licuado