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At Vakuum we design and manufacture LNG semi-trailers adapted to the real needs of our customers

Semi-trailers LNG

Vakuum’s experience in the design and manufacture of LNG semi-trailers has allowed us to develop an innovative “state of the art” to offer maximum safety, quality and performance, with the most competitive tare and insulation capacity on the market.

The structure of reinforcements on the outside allows our customers to increase the volume of cargo and the semi-trailers have a low centre of gravity, which has allowed us to obtain the best tipping angles on the market in 2020 and our cabinets are located in the middle of the chassis assuring a better safety conditions in case of eventual driving crash.

We design up to -196ºC and we support our calculations with FEA (Finite Elements Analysis) to meet highest loading terminals requirements and according to ADR,T-PED, EN-13530-2 , ATEX, MID and IMDG codes.

LNG semi-trailers adapted to the needs of our customers

Vakuum’s LNG semi-trailers are designed to roll, from 40 Tn to 50 Tn of maximum authorized weights, in designs for European and South America markets, adapting to the  needs of our customers also for other countries , meeting and supporting the hardest climate and road conditions.

LNG semi-trailers offer different pump and metering system options, from 600 to 1000 L/min capacity and the possibility to deliver our vehicles with Enagas , Manntek and Messer couplings  and ESD security system (electrical and pneumatic), Wabco smart control, EBS, tyre pressure control and RSS as standard.

Features and Specifications

  • Gross Vehicle weights up to 50Tn
  • Inner & Outer jacket in Stainless Steel
  • Best Tare and Payloads
  • Ergonomic piping design
  • Best vacuum and hold times
  • One of the best rollover angle in the market
  • Center cabinet for better safety in case of collision
  • Standard working pressure 6 bars. Optional other working pressures
  • Multilayer Insultation (MLI)
  • MID Certificate for our units


Vakuum designs and manufactures LNG semi-trailers, offering maximum safety and quality, with the most competitive tare weight and insulation times
Vakuum LNG semi-trailers have a side control cabinet, easy to use and safe, with ergonomic design of all equipment and pipes
Vakuum LNG semi-trailers undergo various tests to guarantee the highest quality and safety in all their products.