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Vakuum, specialists in designing and manufacturing semi-trailers and mobile units for the transport of LNG and air gases LIN - LOX - LAR

Products and services offered by VAKUUM

At Vakuum we are specialized in designing, building and repairing equipment for transport and  storing gas in its different states, gaseous and liquid, temperatures range -196oC.  Following the EU and South American standards & rules.

We offer services,  specialized in cryogenics, ranging from the construction, repair, maintenance and cool down of cryogenic equipment such as cryogenic valves, reconstruction of cryogenic panels, cabinets , chassis , construction of insulated pipes with high vacuum, detection of pores and micro-pores using helium spectrometer, leak tests, ADR reviews, labelling painting  and general vehicle maintenance.

We carry out all these services in our own facilities, with more than 20.000m2, located in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, Barcelona. We have painting and metal blasting booths, nitrogen cleaning , cutting-edge technology in vacuum systems and other services, available with full schedule flexibility.

What we can do at Vakuum for you

LNG semi-trailers designed and manufactured by Vakuum, adapted to the needs of our customers

LNG Semitrailers

At Vakuum we design and manufacture with the most innovative “state of the art”, to offer maximum safety, quality and performance, with the most competitive tare and insulation performance on the market, carrying best payload. With GVW from 40Tn to 50 Tn. With inner and outer stainless steel vessels and high performance pumps up to 1.000liters/min capacity.

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LNG – LCNG Mobile Fuelling Stations

This range of products allows to refuel LNG trucks (IVECO, SCANIA, VOLVO) and also CNG vehicles, being very efficient and avoiding the venting of gases to the atmosphere, with low electrical power required and under ADR / ISO standards. Several designs available to full fill every client needs. Capacities from 20m3 up to 60m3.

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Vakuum LNG and LCNG mobile service stations
Semitrailers for the transport of cryogenic gases, LIN / LOX / LAR designed and manufactured by Vakuum

Air Gases Semitrailers

We are leaders in the design and manufacture of semi-trailers for LIN/LOX/LAR following the indications of our customers. We build semitrailers and rigid trucks, offering also to rebuild-repair units to extend the life of our customers’ fleets.

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Bobtail units for the small distribution of LNG and industrial gases designed and manufactured by Vakuum

Bobtail Units

We offer all our clients a new model for the small distribution of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and industrial gases, designed for those clients with difficult access to their facilities or who have lower consumption.

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Repair and reconstruction service for cryogenic and industrial tanks offered by Vakuum

Repair & Refurbishment

Our repair and reconstruction service extends the useful life of our clients’ equipment, adapting them to regulatory updates, thus allowing a significant reduction in costs.

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Training for use and maintenance of cryogenic equipment for workers and drivers


We offer various levels of training for the use of cryogenic equipment, preventive maintenance, driver training and training for electronic equipment and vacuum control.

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Vakuum offers the possibility of buying second-hand tanks for the transport of cryogenic and industrial gases

Second Hand Semitrailers

We offer our clients the possibility of buying second-hand tanks for the transport of liquefied natural gas. All tanks are previously checked by our team at our facilities.

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Vakuum is a guarantee of quality

We build all our equipment following ADR, ISO and EU standards, guaranteeing maximum quality and efficiency. Our staff got  the highest quality certificates in welding and welding control, using penetrating liquids, X-rays and helium testing. Our cabinets and electronic equipment are in compliance with the ATEX standard.

We comply with the requirements of the European LNG cargo terminals and the plants of the largest producers of industrial gases.

Vakuum's Aenor certificate guarantees the quality of our products and services
The NMI quality certificate guarantees the quality of our services and products
All Vakuum products and services guarantee their quality with the TÜV Rheinland certificate
All Vakuum services and products guarantee their quality with the UCA certificate