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Vakuum has the experience to carry out the best repairs of cryogenic, industrial and chemical tanks

Repair of cisterns and cryogenic containers

Vakuum has a team with extensive experience, knowledge and commitment, for the repair and reconstruction of cryogenic, industrial and chemical tanks, stablished  since the 1960s for the world’s largest industrial gases operators, a relationship that continues to this day .

The company has more than 40 years of experience, since it began as a repair and renovation workshop for rolled equipment, entering the manufacture of semi-trailers for the chemical and food sector in the 70s. Currently we have facilities of 20.000m2 dedicated exclusively to manufacturing, repairing and renovating semi-trailers and cryogenic rigid vehicles that are used for the road transport of liquefied natural gas (LNG), liquid oxygen (LOX), liquid nitrogen (LIN ) and liquid argon (LAR).

We are characterized by our firm commitment to applying innovative elements in the design and development process of all our equipment, respecting the quality and design regulations established by the EU . In addition, we care about maximizing transport loads (payloads) and obtaining the best isolation times (holding time), working together with our clients with the aim of obtaining the best results in each specific case.

Repair and reconstruction services for cisterns and cryogenic containers

Revisión de vacío en cisternas criogénicas, detección de poros, pruebas de estanqueidad… y otros servicios ofrecios por Vakuum


  • Vacuum check in all types of cryogenic tanks and cisterns
  • Detection of pores and micro-pores, using a helium spectrometer
  • Tightness tests for ADR reviews, both in cryogenics and in vehicles for the transport of liquids
  • ADR reviews of vehicles of any type of gases: CNG, hydrogen, nitrogen, helium…
Vakuum actualiza cisternas antiguas y hace verificaciones iniciales para la obtención de la homologación MID


  • Repair of cisterns and cryogenic containers
  • All under carriage repairs and replacements with original top brand spare parts
  • Update old tankers and carry out initial verifications to obtain MID approval, we are homologated company by Modul D to issue MID certificates in our repairs

Construcción, reparación, mantenimiento e inertización de cisternas criogénicas y reparación de los vehículos que los incorporan


  • Construction, repair, maintenance and inerting of cryogenic tanks and repair of the vehicles that incorporate them
  • Repair and maintenance of cryogenic valves, reconstruction of cryogenic panels
  • Repair and modernize control cabinets
  • Repair or subtitude outer or inner vessels
  • Control, repair or improve vacuum performance
  • Repair and welding of piping and pump systems

Vakuum rotula logos y colores en cisternas criogénicas según las necesidades de sus clientes


  • Labeling of logos and colors according to customer requirements
  • Full painting works with sandblast and oven cabinet technologies to ensure longer life and high corrosive resistance of the equipment
  • Shot blasting and industrial painting
In Vakuum, tanks are repaired and rebuilt to store LNG gas and air gases
Vakuum has paint booths, metal blast booths, nitrogen scrubber and state-of-the-art technology in vacuum systems

Our facilities and equipment

Total flexibility of schedule and service

  • Own facilities with more than 20.000m2, in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, Barcelona, España
  • Paint booths of 16 meters in length, with controlled temperature for drying
  • Latest generation mass spectrometer for helium leak detection
  • Homologated and registered nitrogen washing site, for the inerting and testing of tanks and cisterns, consisting of a gasifier and a high pressure pump, for watertightness tests of up to 300 bars
  • State of the art technology in vacuum systems, with state-of-the-art pumps, as well as turbo molecular and diffuser pumps to obtain high vacuum, achieving readings of up to 10 to 5 millibars
  • Several booths for metal blasting or stripping all types of metal surfaces and another of stainless steel, applying glass micro sphere, for all types of surfaces of this material 
Vakuum has facilities of more than 15000m2, dedicated to manufacturing, repairing and renovating semi-trailers and cryogenic rigid vehicles